Life Insurance Needs Estimator

Adding up the liabilities:
L1 Amount required to pay off the balance of the mortgage (including penalties and legal commissions and fees)
L2 Amount required to pay off personal debts (including credit cards, personal loans, tuition loans , car loans, etc.)
L3 Emergency reserve fund (including funding for extraordinary medical expenses and a reserve for emergency and unexpected expenses)
L4 Final expenses (including income taxes, probate fees, lawyers' commissions and fees, accounting fees, other administrative commissions and fees and funeral costs)
  Immediate Cash Liabilities at Death
C0 Childrens' education fund
Number of Children
Cost per Year per Child
Years Needed Per Child
L5 Total ( Childrens' education fund)
I0 Funding for replacement of lost income
income: $
Percentage of income
required for survivors (e.g. 90%)
Number of years over which
income continuation will be required
Anticipated Interest expected
on investment of funds:
Income is to be
indexed (for inflation)
L6 Total ( Provision for income funding)

Current Assets:
CA1 Liquid Assets: (Including bank accounts, mutual funds, certificates of deposit, stocks, bonds and cash)
CA2 Face (coverage) amount of all life insurance policies in force

Total Liabilities (from above)
Total Assets (from above)
Additional life insurance coverage need estimate

The amount shown in the blue box is an estimate of the amount of life insurance coverage that you may need IN ADDITION to existing coverage that you have included under current assets.

Note:  A negative amount in the burgundy box (a minus sign in front of the amount) may indicate that you may be adequately covered for those liabilities and contingencies that you have included in the above estimate calculator